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Common mistakes in using a dredger

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Is gradually increasing in recent years due to the demand of artificial sand, lead to the demand of dredger also grow, we must combine their own actual situation when buy to choose, remember that not blindly follow suit, only rational choice can bring the benefit of the objective, small make up specially you are summarized for sand-excavating ship some of the common pitfalls, hope that we will attach importance to it.
1. Imported accessories
A large part of the user feel import thing must be good, think this kind of parts wear resistance is better, in fact the European developed countries accessories is not as good as I thought, initiated a temper to it is easy to cause accident, and domestic parts are made according to the various models and price is reasonable, the more relevant our equipment.
2. Remove the engine thermostat
Some users think high engine temperature results from thermostat, actually this kind of understanding is wrong, only large cycle cooling fluid does not adjust cooling intensity, to tear down the engine thermostat is difficult to guarantee the engine work under the appropriate temperature, it will make the engine work under a state of low temperature lead to power down, speed up the equipment wear increase fuel consumption.
3. The lubricating oil
Because the type of equipment used by different lubricating oil is not the same, according to the displacement, compression ratio of the use of performance level selection, and then according to the load, temperature and other viscosity level selection, do not blindly follow the wind, to just mentioned from these aspects to choose the appropriate lubricating oil.
About the use of dredger common mistakes related to the explanation of the first simple for you here, I hope that this article can be helpful to you.
Qingzhou kehan environmental technology co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of dredging equipment, water environment protection equipment, mining and dressing equipment and sand and stone treatment equipment. It is a reliable service provider of medium and small-sized water engineering equipment and sand treatment equipment.
As a manufacturer, cohan environmental technology co., ltd. designs a unique process according to the specific needs of consumers when they choose equipment, and rejects the "bean curd engineering" to ensure that each consumer can smoothly carry out normal production.
Why Kehan?
Compared with other manufacturers, the product price of cohan is very favorable, which is mainly due to the following reasons:
1. Preferential price
1 > kehan focuses on the bottom consumer market, takes the civilian route, the price is low, so the positioning on the equipment price will not be too high
2 > kehan is a direct selling manufacturer, the price given by the equipment is the factory price, directly skip the middlemen, agents, the price is more close to the people;
3 > kehan for many years to "small profits and large sales" business philosophy, compared to the market of the same type of dredging ship product price may not be very low, but in the same quality above the price will be preferential, so kehan is you can rest assured that the purchase of the manufacturers.
2. Excellent quality
Cape John career in sand-excavating ship manufacturing industry more than 20 years, has rich experience, not only that, as a large sand-excavating ship manufacturers, has a perfect and professional qc team, follow of each working procedure is rigorous, responsible attitude to every products, ensure quality of each device all qualified, so for shandong branch of safe production machine equipment quality you can rest assured purchase.
3. Good after-sales service
As a large dredger manufacturers, kehan not only provides pre-sale, sale, after-sales, one-stop service, and equipment failure, cohan will be faster to arrange technicians to repair, commissioning.

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Shandong Kehan Ecology  Tech Co., Ltd

Add1: DaGuanYing Village, Mihe Town, Qingzhou City, Shandong Pro., CN

Add2: Masong Village, Huanglou Town, Qingzhou City, Shandong Pro., CN

Mobile 1: +86 18505365960

Mobile 2: +86 18505365951