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Which type of dredger has better desilting effect?

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What kind of dredger is better for dredging effect in river course dredging project? How to deal with the cleared silt? There is no standard or recognized method in the industry. Aiming at this problem, we compared the advantages and disadvantages of various ways of dredging and their applicable scope, hoping to bring some help to everyone.
I. grab dredging
This way of desilting is to grab et sand-excavating grab ship forearm stretch into the bottom of the river, and then use hydraulic drive grab inserted into the sediment and et grab underwater silt closed, then ascension and open grab, the sludge directly discharged into the berthing in dredging mud barge boat near the ship's rail, the excavated mud by barge again be moved to the shore of silt in the yard.
Grab dredging is suitable for middle and small-sized river channels with large thickness of excavated mud layer and many obstacles in the construction area.
The grab dredger is flexible and not affected by the obstacles such as garbage and stones in the river. It is suitable for digging hard earth or carrying more impurities. Moreover, the construction process is simple, the equipment is easy to organize, the project investment is relatively low, and the construction process is not affected by the weather.
Two, pump dredging
Also known as shot-suction desilting, when the work of the water gun and dredge pump in a cylinder at the same time, the water gun shot water will be mud into mud, through the other side of the mud will be sucked out of the mud through the mud pump, then through the pipeline to the shore of the yard, a complete set of equipment are equipped on the ship, one side of the move to clear.
Another method is to suction and discharge silt with compressed air as the power of the method, the opening of the lower end of the cylinder pump tube sank to the bottom, and then in the pump tube to apply negative pressure, soft mud in the static pressure of water and vacuum of the pump tube will be sucked into the pump tube.
Then the silt in the cylinder is pressed into the mud discharge pipe by compressed air, and the silt is transported to the mud transport ship or the storage yard on the shore through the mud discharge valve and mud conveyance pipe. Pump dredging equipment is relatively simple, can be equipped with small and medium-sized boats and equipment, suitable for entering small river construction.
Three, wring suction silt
Heave suction dredging is mainly accomplished by heave suction dredger. The hull of the cutter suction dredger is composed of floating body, reamer, upper suction pipe, lower suction pipe pump and power. It uses the rotary motion of the bridge leading edge reamer in front of the ship to cut and agitate the bottom mud of the riverbed, mix the mud and water to form mud, and then use the dredger's sand suction pump to transport to the shore material accumulation site
The ordinary skein suction desilting is suitable for desilting of medium and large rivers with large mud thickness. The ordinary skein suction dredging is a process of integrated construction of digging, transportation and blowing. As the mud is transported by the fully closed pipe, it will not cause mud scattering or leakage.
Moreover, in the process of dredging, it will not affect the navigation of the river and the construction will not be affected by the weather. At the same time, this dredging ship adopts GPS and echo sounder for construction control, which can greatly improve the construction accuracy and is a dredging method with a wide range of applications so far.

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