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Hydropower Station Dam Upstream Floating Cleaning

Hydropower Station Dam Upstream Floating Cleaning


Hydropower Station Dam Upstream Floating Cleaning

1. Dangers of hydropower Station dam upstream floating

With water flow, the upstream floating closer to trash racks that in front of hydropower Station dam. This impacts the rack and power unit, and  threats the safety of ship navigation in the reservoir area Seriously. Taking the Three Gorges hydropower station and the Gezhouba Dam hydropower station as an example. The main effects are as follows.

1). It will bring water head loses, and lead to a huge reduction in power generation capacity For Three Gorges hydropower station, floating will block trash racks, and lead to water head loses in flood season. In the flood season of 2005, the max rack differential pressure of generator unit 1F is 1.9m, and 0.8m in average. If no cleaning, the rack differential pressure will be increased further. After comparative, generator unit 1F capacity is 10MW higher than before. The economic efficiency is considerable.

2).  May cause damage to the trash racks.

In July 1989, the flood was rising heavily. Large quantity of floating was gathered in front of  Erjiang generator units with surging floodwaters. Trash  rack was blocked Seriously. The max rack differential  pressure reached to 9m. And Trash rack was going to be  broken down at any time.

3). Affect the environment and natural landscape There are many animals’ carcass and other perishables  in floating. The floating matter was  decaying in the summer, and affecting the surrounding environment, including fresh water and air. Besides, dam area is good scenic spot. Large quantity floating will destroy the sight.


2. Application of floating cleaning vessel.

Compared with manual cleaning and other traditional ways, KEHAN floating cleaning vessel.has below advantages.

1) Simple operation with high efficiency

   KEHAN floating cleaning vessel is full-automatic with simple operation, stable performance, high efficiency. All the process, like collecting, dewatering and transporting, are controlled by one person. The efficiency can be reach to 30 times than manual work.

2)  broader working range

 Because of the character of water and topographic factors, the floating always gathered along bank.Current salvage ship is difficult to cleaning the floating for its limitation working range. KEHAN floating cleaning vessel is equipped with elastic collecting arm. It can approach the working area utmost to ensure the salvage effect.

3). Reduce the labor

Full automatic mechanical work free the workers from heavy physical labor. It saves lots of labor cost.

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Add1: DaGuanYing Village, Mihe Town, Qingzhou City, Shandong Pro., CN

Add2: Masong Village, Huanglou Town, Qingzhou City, Shandong Pro., CN

Mobile 1: +86 18505365960

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