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Cutter Suction Dredger Solution For Port Dredging

Cutter Suction Dredger Solution For Port Dredging



                                                             Cutter Suction Dredger Solution For Port Dredging

1. Profile of normal dredging project

The port dredging is the operation on the water that the cutter suction dredger or other machine is used to dig or maintain the water area of harbor or depth of the channel. Influenced by the geography and environment, the nature water area, land area and shoreline can not completely meet the demand of the port, so it is necessary to amend it by dredging project. Here is the basic dredging project mode:

1).  Digging the artificial channel in the port entrance  and dredging the water area of ship sailing, reverse, anchor dropping, and port terminal to acquire enough depth.

2). the port can be enlarged by blowing and filling sand on the land, the bank can be expanded for building warehouse, road, wharf…The water area dredging and land area reclamation can be combined completely.

3). Constructing the dug-in basin to increase the amount of the wharf.

2. How to choose the appropriate cutter suction dredger according to the specific construction site.

The dredger manufactured by JuLong is classified according to the discharge pipeline diameter: 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch. And the relative product model is KHCSD-200, KHCSD250, KHCSD-300, KHCSD400, KHCSD450, KHCSD500, KHCSD550, KHCSD600. The capacity ranges from 500m3/h to 6000 m3/h. All the Kehan cutter suction dredger is totally customized according to customers’ requirement. The max dredging depth can arrive at 25m.

The factors that influence the dredger selection includes: scale of the construction site, the gross volume of the siltation, dredging depth, construction period. For example: one port need to dredging the channel and the length of the area is 2.5km,width is 500m, dredging depth is no less than 15m, the gross capacity is 1610000 CBM, the working period is 60 days. Only when we the information like that can we offer the rational solution for you. After your confirmation, we will manufacture the dredger as planned.

3. How the cutter suction dredger  works

The basic working principle of the cutter suction dredger is horizontal dredging method. It includes spud positioning horizontal dredging and anchor cable positioning horizontal dredging.  As for the spud positioning horizontal dredging, As the swing center, two spuds are alternatively inserted into the river bottom . At the same time, left wire and right wire on the front of the cutter alternatively perform the task of hauling and pulling to make the hull swing and work. When the cutter swing to the right side(left side),the left spud (right spud) is pulled down, right spud(left spud) is hoisted, at the same time, releasing the right winch(left winch), rolling the left winch(right winch). Then the cutter swing to the left(right) side. And the vessel move forward in certain distance. In this way, When the cutter is dredging, there are two swing center, there is some overlap and omittance, it is not appropriate for infrastructure hard soil dredging.

To overcome the disadvantages, We use the main and assistant spud working method(single spud moving method), which means one spud is the main spud, as the swing center. And the other spud as the assistant spud takes the task of exchanging spud when moving forward. Because there is only one swing center,  the track of the cutter dredging is parallel. Only if the the distance of moving forward is appropriate, the omittance and over excavation can be avoided.

The max dredging width( including the length of the stickout) limitation. The dredging width can be 1.2 times to 1.4 times of the vessel length. It is more appropriate for the dredger to swing at the angle of 40 degree in the benchmark of center line. When the width  overpass the max width the dredger can work, it must work separately.

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