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Solutions For Salvaging Aquatic Plants In Waters

Solutions For Salvaging Aquatic Plants In Waters


Solutions For Salvaging Aquatic Plants In Waters

1. Various widespread aquatic plants

A lot of aquatic plants has its advantages. For example, water hyacinth can improve water quality; alligator weed can be used as feed; common cordgrass can protect dam; etc. On the other hand, it is really harmful once environment changes. The widespread probability and the harmful degree will become more and more serious when there is more and more nutritional ingredient in the water .


Water Hyacinth: Original from South America, also called water lettuce, water hyacinth is the aquatic plants which runs rampant most easily in China waters. This happens in the Dian Lake ( in Yunnan Province ), Minjiang River (in Fujian Province), Huangpu River (in Shanghai City) and other famous water area before, esp. in South part of China. It posed a serious threat to aquatic system, navigation, power station, etc.

Not only China, other places like Indonesia (South Asia), Victoria Lake in Africa suffered widespread water hyacinth in large scale, too.


Alligator Weed: It is also called herb of alligator alternanthera, which is originally from South America, same as water hyacinth. You can see it anywhere from Henan Province to Guizhou Province. It is stronger than water hyacinth, and more difficult to salvage it. But the growth speed is a little slower than water hyacinth.


Common Cordgrass: The common cordgrass can grow as high as 2 or 3 meters. It is a foreign plant species to China. The original intention for introducing this species is to protect river beach. But now it becomes a typical invasive species


Enteromorpha: Although it is non-toxic, too much enteromorpha will shelter the seabed algae from sunshine, just like the red tide. The dead enteromorpha will occupy oxygen in the sea water. Researches show that those chemical materials secreted from enteromorpha will do harm to other sea creatures. In addition, it will affect the landscape seriously, including normal tourism and water sports. So people hope to get rid of such bad influence caused by enteromorpha.


Chlorophyta: It can be used as green manure and fodder. It is a strong water plant and in favor of rich water, which is water rich in nutrition. It breeds in high speed. The seeds can last for more than 5 years. Now it is the second biggest harmful plant while the first is enteromorpha. With large areas of chlorophyta, fish will die because of lack of oxygen, which will make the water black and smelly.


2. Solutions

The frequently used methods to remove water plant include salvaging by manpower, cleaning by quicklime, ecological method with fish, spreading pesticides, and mechanical mowing, etc.

 Salvaging by manpower is a traditional method. Although it can decrease the water plant, it costs a lot and can not solve the problem.

 Cleaning by quicklime is a method by throwing quicklime to dry lake bottom and making the lake soil unable to grow water plant in a period. So it is better to use quicklime before water is drawn in or after water is drawn off.

 Ecological method with fish mainly adopts grass carp, while carp and hemp carp are also used. However the quantity and fish type should be properly deployed and it is slow and costs a lot.  

 Spreading pesticides can get fast effect. But since its mostly chemical pesticides, it will pollute the environment.  

 Above all, mechanical method will be a good choice. KEHAN Group can make design of aquatic weed harvester or cleaning vessels as per customers project needs. The machine is of easy operation system, high efficiency and stable performance. All the processes of collecting, transferring, draining and transportation can be completed by controlling the buttons and switches on operation desk by one person. The efficiency is usually 30 times higher than that of manpower.

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